Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first step?

Fill out the one-minute application and get a quote within minutes sheet in 24.
After that, submit all the paperwork with our rep and get funded once the rep
has all the exceptions cleared.

What is the interest rate and loan term?

Usually our rates are starting at 9.99% and 16.99%. Loan terms are 12 to 60

What are the loan types?

We do auto loans, title loans and we also buy notes from buy-here pay-here.

What happens if I trade-in, sell the vehicle or prepay the loan before

In most of our loans there is no prepayment penalty.

Do you lend to businesses?

Yes, we can lend to businesses. However, most of our deals are closed under
personal name.

Do you require customers to have SSN?

No. We accept borrowers with or without credit.

Do you report on credit bureaus?

As of today, RBI reports to Transunion and Equifax. These two are two of the
three largest credit bureaus in the US.

What is the maximum loan amount, maximum miles and oldest vehicles?

We do not have maximum loan amounts, it will depend on the vehicle.
Maximum miles are up to 80,000 for sedans and 100,000 for SUVs. We lend on
vehicles from 2012 and newer.

Are you a direct lender?

Yes, we are direct lenders. In case we can’t approve a deal, we will refer it to
one of our partners.

Are personal guaranties required?

Yes, especially if the loan is under a company.